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    Pizza Sticks

    Pizza Sticks

    • $94.97

      The Pizza Peel Perforated Azzurra Ø 23 cm H. 205 cm by Gi.metal is a professional pizza peel for taking out and turning pizza, perfect for pizzeria supplies. Made entirely of stainless steel, this pizza peel guarantees resistance to high oven temperatures and perfect baking thanks to its perforated shape. The bottom handle and sliding middle handle are...

    • $90.39

      The Ø 20 cm H. 201 cm Azzurra Perforated Pizza Peel by Gi.Metal is a high-quality pizza peel designed for professionals looking for reliable and durable working tools. Made of stainless steel and with a length of 201 cm, this pizza peel allows you to handle your pizza with ease and prevent excessive burns thanks to its perforated version. With its sliding...

    • $89.32

      The Pizza Peel Perforated Azzurra Ø 23 cm H. 175 cm by Gi.metal is a professional stainless steel pizza peel for taking out and turning your pizzas with ease. Its perforated design prevents heat transmission from the oven and guarantees flawless baking of the pizza base. With a diameter of 23 cm and a pizza peel length of 175 cm, this product from Gimetal...

    • $80.74

      Gi.Metal's Azzurra Pizza Peel is a high-quality professional pizza peel, ideal for pizzerias looking for maximum reliability and durability. Thanks to its innovative design and high-quality stainless steel construction, this pizza peel offers exceptional performance, allowing pizzas to be easily baked and turned without the risk of burning. In addition,...

    • $75.79

      The Azzurra Pizza Peel Ø 20 cm H. 201 cm by Gi.Metal is a professional pizza picket made of high-quality stainless steel, ideal for baking and turning pizza with the utmost precision and delicacy. Thanks to its sliding middle handle made of a special high-density polymer, it guarantees impact and heat resistance. At 201 cm long, this pizza scoop has a...

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