Detertecnica and Electronic Invoice

Detertecnica offers customers who request it the Electronic Invoice service, as you know already in force from January 1, 2019.

To issue the invoice we need your Unique Code or your Pec (Certified Electronic Mail) address.

If you are a company, you know that the unique code is assigned to you by the Exchange System (SDI). Contact your accountant if you need more information on the subject or to learn more.

What is the Unique Code and why is it required?

This Unique Code, also called the Recipient Code, is used to address the invoice in digital format exactly to you and to enter it in the system.

The Unique Code is made up of 7 alphanumeric characters and is assigned to you after registration with the SDI system.

Don't worry, the invoice in paper format is still being issued if you need it, but know that digitization will make them use less and less until they disappear with significant savings of leaves and paper: the environment will thank you!

If you adhere to the minimum regime or to the flat rate, you must not enter a unique code: conventionally the code "0000000" will be entered as these special categories are equated to the end user.

If you need an electronic invoice then: request it by message and send us your data such as Unique Code and PEC Mail Address.

Detertecnica is at your disposal for any clarifications, do not hesitate to contact us!

Fattura Elettronica Detertecnica