Sacchetti Freezer Per Alimenti a Rotolo 30x45 cm 500 pz View larger

Transparent Roll Bags 30x45 cm 500 pcs



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BrandSiam Quality
Dimensions30x45 cm
Unit of MeasurementPK

Siam Quality's transparent roll bags 30x45 cm 500 pcs are the perfect solution for storing and freezing your food. Made of HD plastic, these bags guarantee high resistance and durability.

You no longer have to worry about spoiling your food during storage. These transparent bags protect your food from dust, moisture and odours. And with their transparency, you can clearly see what's inside, so you don't have to open each individual bag to check what's inside.

Furthermore, these bags are also perfect for freezing. Their size of 30x45 cm makes them ideal for holding large quantities of food, and the airtight closure ensures that the food does not spoil during freezing.

If you are a food professional, these transparent bags are the right choice for you. With 500 pieces in a roll, you will always have a large quantity of bags for your needs.

Moreover, these transparent bags are suitable for all kinds of food, from meat to fish, from fruit to vegetables. You can use them to store and freeze all your food with peace of mind.

We are sure you will love this high quality product. Try it now and discover the difference the right choice can make for storing and freezing your food. Buy Siam Quality 30x45 cm 500 pcs transparent roll bags today!

Technical characteristics:

  • Dimensions: 30x45 cm
  • Quantity: 500 pieces
  • Material: HD plastic
  • Suitable for food storage and freezing
  • Hermetic closure
  • Transparent for easy viewing of contents


  • Optimum protection for your food during storage and freezing
  • High resistance and durability
  • Transparency for easy identification of contents
  • Large size to hold large quantities of food
  • Suitable for all types of products
  • Pack of 500 to meet the needs of any food professional
  • High quality choice for storing and freezing your food